Computer Learning Tips So You Can Understand Quickly

1. Intention

Intention, as people say, intention then effort. Strong self-intention and want to be able to operate a computer quickly.

2. Destination

What is your purpose for using the computer? What is the job? Or just entertainment? This must be known because later we have to use the program according to what we are aiming for.

3. Have your own computer

Don’t study computer if you don’t have your own computer. Because we have to routinely continue to use the computer so we can do it quickly.

4. Diligent

The most important thing is to be diligent and keep learning, whether through books or friends. Diligent practice every day. Mastering basic materials from books is the fastest way to learn computers.

5. Don’t be afraid to break

Because the origin is not a damaged computer component, repairing a damaged computer is very easy. So stay calm and take it easy.